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Residential and Commercial
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Need repair to your driveway or parking lot, replacing your stone drive with asphalt or top coating your existing lot? Our professional team can renew your driveway, path or parking lot and stay within a budget!  When it comes to commercial asphalt services - Call Global Paving!

Asphalt Paving

Residential driveway and approach paving.  Commercial roadway, pathway paving, entrance and exit approaches and parking lot paving.


Asphalt Patching

We provide regular maintenance and patching services.  Providing proper asphalt patching can extend the life of your drives and lots before major replacement is required.


Crack Repairs and Sealing

Asphalt potholes, cracks and repairs are easy to repair.  We can provide you a cost effective and professional crack repair and asphalt sealing services at your home or business.


Excavation & Gravel Work

We're not just an asphalt installation and repair company, but we can provide ground excavation and gravel work for driveways, roads and parking lots.

We know how to do the job right

We're not the big giant of asphalt paving in the area and we don't do major highway projects.  We concentrate our asphalt paving efforts to small business, residential communities and your home.  We can provide full service driveway preparation and asphalt installation, site work related to parking lot installations and walking paths.  Whether you need simple blacktop crack sealing, pot hole repairs or asphalt top coating of your existing drive or parking lot, we can provide you cost effective service and help you stay within your budget.  We look forward to getting your call, visiting your project site and providing you a FREE quotation for our asphalt services.

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